Make a bootable CD or DVD

The Data Disc project can be used to easily create bootable CDs or DVDs from a bootable floppy disk or from a disc image file on your hard drive. A bootable CD or DVD can be used to start your computer if your operating system becomes damaged.


  1. 1. Insert a blank disc into your recorder. The disc must be blank.
  2. 2. Select the Data Disc project.
  1. 3. Click the Make Bootable button in the data disc toolbar. The Bootable Disc window appears.
  2. 4. To create a bootable CD or DVD from a floppy disk:
    • Insert a bootable floppy disk into your floppy disk drive.
    • Select Bootable floppy disk in drive A:
    • Click the OK button. An image file is created from the boot floppy and is added to the file selection window.
    • Click the action button.
Make a bootable CD or DVD